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We are actively seeking submissions by and about persons who identify as Trans and/or Non-Binary. 

We feel it is highly important to offer opportunities to trans and non-binary authors, readers, and the general public for works that describe how it is to live as trans and/or non-binary.

These books are often banned or removed from library and bookstore shelves because some unenlightened individuals, acting out of ignorance, fear, or some other troublesome attitude, complain or outright campaign against making this type of literature and story available to children, young people and even adults, thus denying all members of the reading public the chance to learn and enjoy reading about trans and non-binary people. It is especially disturbing to note that children who identify as either of these are being discriminated against and subjected to further harassment by adults who should know better. Propertius Press aims to help lift up these stories and voices in an effort to counteract the dangerous and disturbing forces that aim to silence trans and non-binary folk.

Please tell us in query form the length of the piece, the theme, working title, and attach a 750- to 1500-word synopsis of your work. If it is intended to be illustrated, please let us know if you have ideas about this, or if you have already begun working with an artist. If so, please include samples or a link where we can view. 

After reviewing your query and synopsis, we may request the first 3 chapters or 20k words of your manuscript, or we may request the full work. Please do wait until we make this request to send further information.

In addition, please tell us if you are submitting this work to other publishers, and we would appreciate being notified should you decide to contract with another publisher before we have made a final decision on acceptance of your work. If this happens, kindly withdraw your submission from consideration.

We will contact you within three to four months should we require more information.
Generally we make a final decision on submissions in this category within eleven calendar months, although when there is a backlog of many submissions, it is not uncommon for us to take a year to two years to come to a final decision.

This category will close automatically when the submission cap is reached, or on February 10, 2023, whichever happens first.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.