Submissions open in a limited number of categories; there are submissions caps and when those are reached, the category will close. 

At this time, most categories' submission caps have been reached, and only a few categories remain open. They will also will close when the caps are reached, or on the end date if the cap is not reached.

Due to an unusual number of duplicate submissions and submissions in the wrong category, causing some categories to close when the submission cap was reached prematurely, we have deleted those submissions to enable additional submissions. 


WE CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH.  It is patently unfair to your fellow writers to purposely submit in the wrong category or submit multiple times on the chance that the submission might have a better shot at acceptance. We assure you, quite the opposite is the case. Please do not annoy your reviewers and clog up the queue for other writers.

Thank you so much for your interest in our small, independent, not-for-profit press. We look forward to reading your words :)

We are a small, not-for-profit, independent traditional publisher of high-quality literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and short-story anthologies. (Not-for-profit = we are not a non-profit and we are not tax-exempt. We pay taxes and operate a little like a cooperative.)

We are looking for timeless, engaging, fulfilling works that will be just as vibrant and satisfying years from now as they are today. Therefore, if you are writing to a popular youth-oriented market or your work is based on the latest fantasy genre (superpowers, demonic possession, vampires, angels, and the like) then we are probably not the publisher for you. This is not to say we will automatically reject a story with imaginative use of the plausible impossible - it just shouldn't be the main characteristic of the work. Before you submit your work, ask this provocative but very important question: will it age well?

 If you'd like to know more about who we are and what we're looking for, please check out our website at You can also follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Submitted works should be in standard manuscript format (see William Shunn's excellent guide) and submitted in rtf, .odt, doc, or docx file format. Please make sure your name, email address, word or line count, and title of your story are on the first page of your manuscript. Do include a short bio of less than 50 words; you may do so in your query letter if you like. Submissions should be carefully edited for spelling, grammar, and syntax.

We try to remain fairly informal and open in our submission requirements, but we should say that extensive lists of marketing material, strategies, etc., aren't going to put you up at the head of the pack, so to speak. We'd like to read your submission and time is precious. A brief list of previous publications is nice, and we'd like to know who you are and why you've chosen us. Feel free to include links to your website and social media. If we make you an offer, we'll need your complete contact information, so include that in your query as well, and thank you. Finally, we must have confirmation that any previously published work is out of print, has reverted to the author, and there are no copyright infringements.

Please note: If your submission has been published in any format, including self-publication, you must state this in your query letter. This also includes previously published works for which the publication rights have reverted to the Author. Failure to disclose this may result in your submission being rejected (yes, we do check). ALSO - please let us know if you decide to publish with someone else, or if you make other arrangements for publication, by withdrawing your submission.  This is a courtesy and is greatly appreciated.


Presently we are scheduling works for the 2023-24 publication calendar, and later. Generally you should expect a window of 12 - 18 months after acceptance before your work would be published, and in certain cases, it can be longer. If you'd rather not wait, you may wish to publish elsewhere. This window does not include any time that you choose to take to materially rework a manuscript after it is accepted.

We will contact you within the length of time specified under each category, should we require more information. If we do not contact you, you may inquire via email but we honestly may not have time to respond until we get to your submission. Rest assured we do read each and every one, and when we have made a decision, we will contact you. 

One last thought - you might want to reflect on the differences between a small press and the Big Publishers. When a writer looks into working with a small, independent press, what are the expectations, realistically? What do small presses do that Big Publishers don't (or can't)? What are the challenges?

If you've not yet been published, there are lots of great articles that give insight into what to expect. Here are two that I found particularly applicable to working with us. Read them both and do a bit of your own research. It will more than likely be eye-opening.

Thanks so much for your interest in our publishing company. Check our website for more information about us, and to see our catalogue. You may wish to follow us on Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter for the freshest news about our work.

We are actively seeking submissions by and about persons who identify as Trans and/or Non-Binary. 

We feel it is highly important to offer opportunities to trans and non-binary authors, readers, and the general public for works that describe how it is to live as trans and/or non-binary.

These books are often banned or removed from library and bookstore shelves because some unenlightened individuals, acting out of ignorance, fear, or some other troublesome attitude, complain or outright campaign against making this type of literature and story available to children, young people and even adults, thus denying all members of the reading public the chance to learn and enjoy reading about trans and non-binary people. It is especially disturbing to note that children who identify as either of these are being discriminated against and subjected to further harassment by adults who should know better. Propertius Press aims to help lift up these stories and voices in an effort to counteract the dangerous and disturbing forces that aim to silence trans and non-binary folk.

Please tell us in query form the length of the piece, the theme, working title, and attach a 750- to 1500-word synopsis of your work. If it is intended to be illustrated, please let us know if you have ideas about this, or if you have already begun working with an artist. If so, please include samples or a link where we can view. 

After reviewing your query and synopsis, we may request the first 3 chapters or 20k words of your manuscript, or we may request the full work. Please do wait until we make this request to send further information.

In addition, please tell us if you are submitting this work to other publishers, and we would appreciate being notified should you decide to contract with another publisher before we have made a final decision on acceptance of your work. If this happens, kindly withdraw your submission from consideration.

We will contact you within two to four months should we require more information.
Generally we make a final decision on submissions in this category within eleven calendar months, although when there is a backlog of many submissions, it is not uncommon for us to take a year to two years to come to a final decision.

This category will close automatically when the submission cap is reached, or on February 10, 2023, whichever happens first.

The theme for this anthology of collected verse is Home in the World

During the pandemic, for many of us, our homes became our worlds. And since then, our perspective has shifted, perhaps become more insular or protective. Some of us are not as open as we were; masks not only protected us from each other, but guarded from the possibility of disease that we might spread with our very breath. It was frightening and upended how many people looked at the world outside. And yet, for many it was also a time of discovery: by limiting travel, we came to know our backyards and homes more intimately, and saw a need for change - perhaps a new addition, an expansion of the garden, an exploration of the paths that led from our neighborhoods to city parks and trails. We spent more time online discussing political issues and trends with friends and those who were not so friendly. We found connections across the world, in other countries and cultures. We learned that fences and borders may not protect us from the things we fear: that the worst threats may even be found in our own communities.

And by this, everything has been up-ended.

We've been given a unique opportunity to re-define the things that mean the most to us: work, family, community, peace, transforming what defines our happiness to something we probably could not have foreseen four years ago. Many of us have realized the links between poverty, climate change, racism, and other shortcomings of society. Many of us are still learning. And yet, at the heart of all of it, home resonates. It's the place we come to, to feel safe and secure, to nurture our relationships, to explore those things that are precious and vital. Home is often where we first learn about how to function in the wider world. There are so many, many ways this happens. Let's look at these things together, and share our thoughts in the calming, uplifting, and informative vehicle of verse.

Whether it's a cottage in the wilds or a 20th-floor downtown loft apartment, a single-family brick ranch in the suburbs, or a share in an intentional community, home is not just the place we store our things, make bread, eat, sleep, and clean. It is so much more. Home becomes part of the overall safety net for families and especially, for children. There are over half a million unhomed individuals in the United States, according to many sources. While that seems like a tiny number, it is not reflective of the wider housing issue, in that the cost and availability of adequate homes is reaching an unsustainable state. Part of this may be due to the pandemic, but the trends have been climbing upward for many years before this problem. It will take all of us to be a part of the solution. To that end, 10% of the net proceeds from sales of this collection will be donated to the National Alliance to End Homelessness in the US.

General guidelines:

Please tell us in query form the theme, working title, and a description of your submission. You may submit verse of all kinds, including poetry, song lyrics, epic, and narrative verse. There is no word limit, there is a maximum of three (3) works per submission or submitter. In addition, this volume is intended to be illustrated so if you have ideas for that as relates to your poetry work, please do include them. Artists and photographers are also welcome to submit their work in this category. Please do include the complete work in your submission, but limit the number in your submission to three (3). Duplicate submissions, or multiple submissions from the same submitter, will be rejected. You may also send us additional information in the Message Center.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable in this category but please tell us if you are submitting this work to other publishers, and we would appreciate being notified should you decide to contract with another publisher before we have made a final decision on acceptance of your work.

We will review submissions as entered but expect to make final decisions for the volume after the submissions portal closes at the end of February, 2023. Expected publication is summer 2023. Winning submitters will receive a pro-rata share of the proceeds from sales of the book, one (1) free print copy, and a digital ebook version. 


ALSO: Should you desire to amend or update your submission, please request us to open it for editing, or upload the new version as an attachment to a message in the Submittable Message Center. Please Do Not Withdraw your submission and resubmit as a new submission. Doing so uses up the numbers of allowable submissions, causes the submission cap to be reached early, and takes spaces that other writers would have liked to use. Please be courteous to the other folk who write poems. Thank you.

Propertius Press